Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy EDH Primer

Of course Jace is one of the best mono-blue commanders. He’s Jace.

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Multiplayer Politics in Magic: The Gathering

Multiplayer Politics are one of the most complex and fascinating aspects of Magic: from battlecruiser magic to vintage-lite, consider the ramifications of making enemies.

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sydri, galvanic genius

Playing Eggs in EDH

No, my turn isn’t half done yet, and no, you will not get another turn after this one.

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edh lands guide

EDH Lands: Building your land base

This guide will help you make your EDH land base the best it can be.

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Ban List and Rules Updates

January 18th 2016, the Rules Committee changed several rules that have pretty big ramifications in competitive EDH.

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Command Tower

Playing EDH to Win

Everything you need to get started playing competitive EDH.

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